Dani Jakwerth

was born and raised in Vienna, Austria in the 1980s, developing mad love for the English language and for computers at first contact, aged 7 and 12 respectively. The rest of her life so far was spent becoming good at both, and liaising between people proficient in one of [English | German | Computers], but not the other.

A University degree in Business Informatics in her pocket (and her livelihood thus ensured), she made her way to Scotland, to live and learn her other passion - languages. Completing the degree in translation and Teaching of English in Edinburgh in 2009 was no reason to go back to Vienna, but to plant her feet firmly in both places, grow her expertise, and offer it as a service. The years since were spent delving even further into the creative world of language, and adding it as a focus to her work.

From her unusual viewpoint between the worlds - of technology and creativity, of machines and people, of English and German, of standard language and its regional peculiarities - and with help of her teacher training, she sees herself particularly suited to get you to the other side of your language project.